Byu dating statistics No charges ever sex encounters

Some found serious conflicts as they got to know each other better; jealousy, possessiveness, lack of balance, cheating, different values [although this wasn’t quite the issue at the Y as elsewhere] were among the issues cited.

The largest factor in deciding to marry was spiritual confirmation (22% men, 29% women).

So while the hanging out culture at BYU is comparable to trends at other universities, there is much more dating and much less hooking up at the Y than elsewhere.

The most important trait Y students look for in a future spouse is spirituality.

Only 3 to 4% of BYU students have had sex (a figure possibly somewhat underreported due to fear of honor code violations), as compared with 60 to 70% at other universities.

Many students found it challenging to transition from hanging out to dating relationships.

Only about 20% defined actual discussion as the demarcation point, which surprised the researchers.

Students generally dreaded DTRs–talks defining the relationship.

Many cited loss of feelings or not having enough in common in these situations.

, 46/3 (2007), just hit my mailbox, and features an article by a bunch of folks entitled “A Survey of Dating and Marriage at BYU.” I thought I would take a shot at summarizing it for the benefit of our non-subscribers.

The piece begins by describing a 2001 study of 1,000 college women across the U.

The most common strategy for doing so was to spend more one on one time together outside of the group.

One young woman said in effect that someone has to actually say the word “date.” For some students, an increase in physical intimacy, such as holding hands, cuddling or kissing defines the switch.

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