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The important reference work “The Yale Book of Quotations” has an entry ascribing the lyrics to Clark and Leigh.

Additional information about the attribution to William Purkey is given further below.

The Geordie Shore star posed up a storm with her lookalike mother at a lavish spa.

When a swimsuit is this stylish, there's no surprise that both Charlotte Crosby and her mum turned up wearing it to a spa day!

In other words, as disappointing as it may be to learn for those who use our work without permission, the lyric is not in the public domain, but actually a relatively new work “made up” by a couple of hard-working songwriters.

I have seen it attributed to everyone from an unnamed Buddhist Monk, to the great Satchel Paige; but it just isn’t so.

They urge us to abandon the inhibitions that keep us mute: Dance like no one is watching, Live like you’ll never be hurt Sing like no one is listening Live like it’s heaven on earth.It's by Zoggs, and features a classic design and subtle but oh so stylish piping.A totally timeless addition to your swimwear collection! It's never too early, or too late, to stock up on stylish swimwear, we say, so click right now to snap it up from Simply Swim.The provenance of these modified sets is less certain.The ascriptions to Mark Twain and Satchel Paige are unsupported.

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