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Our tip: Get the best of Swiss events straight to your inbox - sign up for our newsletter!Archiving of geodata on the federal level focuses on the archival storage of geodata for an unlimited period of time.The archived geodata should be made available in a future geo information system.Within the project Ellipse, swisstopo and the Swiss Federal Archives (SFA) are developing a solution for the archiving of geodata.They form an essential basis for the development of comprehensive geological datasets and models in the domains of natural hazards, geo-energy and raw materials, as well as for dealing with issues relating to the environment.

In the field of engineering surveying, swisstopo provides a broad variety of services, ranging from the development of fundamental GNSS networks and the operation of permanent GNSS stations, through to the analysis of deformations in dams, gravity calculations and gyroscopic measurements.Six cantons as well as the Principality of Liechtenstein have delegated this task to the Federal Directorate for Cadastral Surveying, technical agency of the Confederation. Besides the traditional national reference systems, there is a European reference system ETRS89.The connection of national reference systems to global, terrestrial reference systems by means of geodetic measuring methods results in only a limited accuracy.It promotes an awareness and appreciation of geology in everyday life and provides answers to a variety of social questions.Where does Switzerland have reserves of raw materials?

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