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Women are expected to give at least small chocolates to every man or boy in their social circle, even classmates and colleagues.

These are called giri or “obligation” chocolates and might be very small and cheap.

A popular romantic pastime is to rent a boat for two and paddle (usually foot-paddle) the boat together down the river as you gaze at the trees and flowers planted alongside the banks.

Often, these boats are in the shape of large swans, so the people watching you paddle by know you’re an item.

Japan also celebrates Valentine’s Day on February 14th, but its traditions are different than what you’d find throughout the rest of the world.

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More often, it involves sex — child prostitution by another name.While every couple is different, these traditions are widespread in Japan and appear in advertisements and pop culture throughout the year.As an island nation, Japan has many rivers, even in metropolitan areas like Tokyo.People in relationships are expected to go on dates that evening after work (as there are no days off for Christmas in Japan, where the percentage of Christians is very small) and eat at a fancy restaurant.Women often knit homemade scarves to give to their sweethearts.

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