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When I hear some story told of a grizzled old cowpoke toting a Winchester, I know that it means a levergun, even though Winchester produced some of the finest single shot rifles of the nineteenth century.. I have Winchester leverguns dating from 1895 up through the little .357 Compact that I bought earlier this year, and I like them all. The only Winchesters that I wont buy are the ones produced for several years recently with that butt-ugly crossbolt safety. I understand their having to go to something like that, but it is still ugly. Winchester has for years produced some fine shotguns and bolt action rifles. However, to most people, myself included, the name Winchester means lever action rifles.

The .38-55 is a very efficient cartridge, which is not loaded to its potential by most ammo companies.They are now in production, and I have had the .38-55 here for about a month.During that month, I have had time to get acquainted with the levergun, and am now more impressed than I was at the press introduction.It bothers some folks to have the levergun cocked with the safety on, but that is the way that we carry shotguns, bolt action rifles, ARs, AKs, and many other types of firearms, and it works just as well on a levergun. Im probably too old to change my ways, and will carry my leverguns the old way, and ignore the manual safety.However, I will teach my grandson to hunt with his Winchester cocked and the safety on.

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