Dating workaholic woman

Well, not necessarily to threaten him or her, but just to be cordial, meet her boss, when you are given the chance.

This will enable you to get into their known zone and let her off easier should there be a need to be together on an impulse.

And that you find yourself stuck in a meeting when she has time to spend with you?

Try and coordinate your leaves and holidays such that you can both breathe easier and spend quality time with one another.

The best way to deal with the schedule of a workaholic girlfriend is to understand it.

You must also understand the position and responsibilities she holds.

However, in order to be able to make her feel you’re genuinely interested in what she does, try and read up about her company and industry.

Know the right tools to use, to stay connected with your sweetheart. Or stay connected on an Instant Messenger on your computers.

Once you are able to get this, dealing with the whole situation will be a whole lot easier.

Does it often happen that she works on your days off?

If your date is going to maintain the workaholic lifestyle, at least try to compromise and lay out a few ground rules.

Be sure not to nag, and go into this looking to make your relationship a healthier one.

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