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Lori Maddox (also spelled Mattix) was only 14 years old when Jimmy Page invited her over to his hotel.He wasn’t the first rock star she’d been with—she was already a baby groupie, famous for losing her virginity to David Bowie—but Page was the first man to call her who was looking for more than just one night.Page even called her mother and asked for permission to date her daughter, and Mrs.Maddox, probably dreaming of having a son-in-law with Led Zeppelin money, gave them her blessing. When rumors got out that Jimmy Page was dating a freshman in high school, the FBI started an investigation and tried to get enough proof to charge him with statutory rape.Groupies usually don’t show up as much more than a footnote in music.They’re the girls who hang out backstage with the band, usually troubled girls from unhappy homes, struggling to find an escape by diving into the sex and drugs that go with rock ‘n’ roll.She wasn’t even a teenager yet, and she’d already made her first foray into the world of groupies.By the time she was 14, she’d been with every star from Iggy Pop to David Bowie.

Liv resented her mother for it at first but says she’s forgiven her since.

It wasn’t the age difference; it was that Maddox walked in on him with another woman: Bebe Buell, better known today as Liv Tyler’s mother.

Before Buell became pregnant with Steven Tyler’s child, she was one of the most notorious groupies in the US.

They would “take care” of them while they were in town, she said, by taking them out shopping, stitching their shirts, and watching TV with them—and, of course, also by sleeping with them.

Frank Zappa ended up making her into a minor rock star in her own right.

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