Rob dyrdek dating chanel west coast yahoo

I really liked how Tu Pac told stories in rap and I want to start doing the same thing by telling my stories through my raps. CHANEL: (laughs) It's funny you say that because my friends are always like “Man he's still alive, he's still alive!

I want people to feel like they know me when they listen to my music. ” I'm like “No, he's not alive, you're trippin.” I mean I just don't think it's possible for someone like Tu Pac to still be alive to this day and nobody see him.

When that happened it was kind of like my wake up call.

I realized how much I loved my ex-boyfriend and I lost so much time being able to be his friend and hang out with him because I was with some psycho that was controlling me.

My dad was a DJ on the other hand so every time I went to live with him I would get a little more into hip hop.

In middle school is when all of my friends got into it and I was around it a lot more.

I didn't realize it until my ex-boyfriend and his best friend were fatally shot and killed.Most importantly I knew that both of them had spend every day of their lives up until they were killed making music and I was in a relationship with someone who wouldn't let me do it.To know that my friends lost their chance at making music really woke me up and made me realize that I needed to get my music out there and not only make it for myself, but for my friends that don't have that chance anymore.CHANEL: No, I wish I knew, but it's been so crazy because I'm also pursuing acting and modeling.I have all kinds of other stuff going on so I have been really, really busy.

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