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And that was all right, after all, I was the one with the different sexuality. "You're not what you really called well hung, are you? Tonight you are going to start getting used to the smells and tastes of our bodies. You will also wear this collar as a symbol of your submission." Her voice wasn't stern. Sheila looked down at me with a mischievous look on her face. She then tapped the ash on the end of her cigar in my mouth. It wasn't long before they were like a couple of teenagers. "You have a mess to clean up." "Yes Mistress." I then knelt first between Sheila's legs and started cleaning her out, running my tongue from the crack of her ass to the top of her beautiful mound. I turned off the lights and made my way upstairs to their bedroom. That was when they had first built the house and they gave me the grand tour. The rest of the flooring was hardwood slats, with large colorful oriental rugs placed in just the right places around the room. Toward the wall to the left of the fireplace was their bed. The covering could be rolled down to completely enclose you. On the opposite wall their were French doors leading to a balcony running the entire length of the room. She whipped me for several minutes, although it seemed like much more. I never felt more humiliated, and yet I never felt more submissive. She lead me to a hook anchored in the wall, about six inches off the floor. Her nipples were hard as if she had been playing with them. I slipped her panties down her legs and off of her feet. I felt the leash being tugged hard, pulling my face deep in her pussy. We are going to use you tonight like you have never been used before." Just as she completed her sentence, a bolt of lightning flashed close by and a loud clap of thunder seemed to shake the lanai. I thought I would touch her heart with my confession of love to her. " "Yes Mistress." "I want no hesitation in your actions. I crawled up onto the bed and squirmed my body from the foot upward until my face was at his manhood. With my face inches away, she pushed forward until it was touching my lips. I ran my tongue from the crack of his ass, over the bottom of his balls, to the tip of his cock. I even loved the rough way Tom was fucking my face. The pace of both of them picked up faster and faster. I could feel Tom's cock swell even more inside my mouth. Now my senses were solely on Sheila's cock in my ass. I know my life was changing permanently, but I also knew these delicious, submissive feelings running through my body were something I had always craved, but never had felt to this degree. I craned my neck to look at the clock on the table. I slowly got up, stretched my naked body again, and started downstairs to my room to shower, shave, and dress for the day. I quietly walked through the family room toward my bedroom, which was right before the kitchen. I had been sitting in one of the bedroom chairs for only five minutes when Sheila and Kim came into the room. When you are in my servitude, you need permission for everything. When I return this afternoon, I expect this house to be spotless." "Yes Mistress. "Iuh I can't think of anything." Kim looked at Sheila and rolled her eyes. "Go ahead Kim, he deserves it." Before I knew what happened, Kim backhanded me hard across the face. It all happened so fast, I didn't have time to defend myself.

Then, just when I thought my life was in a comfortable, predictable pattern, everything changed. I was reading some female domination material on a Thursday night. Sheila lay back on the couch with Tom on top of her. Next thing I knew, Tom was prying open my mouth and stuffing his boxer shorts down my throat. "Didn't want you to feel left out," was all he said before returning his attention back to Sheila. Sheila's breathing was getting to that orgasmic pitch. I knew by now they would be needing my services again. Sheila reached down and pulled Tom's shorts out of my mouth. Since the house was a tri-level, it was only a half flight of stairs. I'm sure it was specially ordered as it was larger than a king size. The furnishings on the balcony were comfortable, while the view looking down into the woods was spectacular. It was on her side of the closet, next to her shoes. Instead she took my love as a powerful tool to lead me further down the road to total slavery. She then put her manicured hand under my chin and lifted my painted face towards hers. You are to be totally obedient to our whims tonight. Let's go downstairs and get you ready to greet him." We went downstairs and into the kitchen. They were strong, but not callused, high arched, and tanned. He started pulling me steadily toward him, choking up on the chain as I got closer. I felt Tom's pushing hands on the back of my head, his cock forcing my mouth open. I want you to get on your knees, with your ass in the air. His grip tightened on my head as he held it firmly. Then rope after rope of thick, warm cum splashed down my throat. As I headed downstairs, I heard two voices coming from the kitchen. I slowly opened the bedroom door and stepped inside, closing it behind me. The bottom part came to the upper thigh, and the upper was the tank top style, which bared her shoulders and cleavage. I would guess her height to be 5'2" and her weight at 110lbs. She had her left leg over her right and was swinging her foot. In fact, I even want you to ask permission to use the bathroom. It will be." "Then crawl over here and tell Kim how nice it was making her acquaintance." I got off the chair and crawled to the two women. She then placed her bare foot on my chest and pushed me hard.

It was your usual stuff, mostly articles written by professional Mistresses. Fold your clothes and put them at the foot of your bed. Since their feet were off of me now, I almost felt unneeded. Their was a small creek barely visible through the foliage of the trees. I was just starting to realize this was not some fun, sexy, spur of the minute fling for her. Someone who would devote their life to her.....give up their self to become her property. Do you understand." "Yes Mistress", I again replied. "The beer is in the fridge, and the frosted mug in the freezer. "Now take off my pants and be quick about it." He followed this command with another quick but gentler jerk of the chain. When my face was a foot away from his chest, he released the chain. I took it allno longer choking when it slid into my throat. Do not take your mouth or attention off Tom's cock." I did as she ordered. She was spreading something creamy and slick inside my crack, mostly concentrating on my hole. I showered, shaved and took care of my normal morning ritual. Her chair was facing away from the table and towards me. Her face was beautiful, a creamy mocha complexion, high cheekbones, full lips, cute nose, and dark intelligent eyes which sparkled with a playful curiosity. On my knees before them, I looked up into Kim's smiling face.

She told her husband this particular Saturday night she was going out with a friend, and she expected him to be kneeling at the front door when she got home, no matter how late. She was a master at pushing the right buttons at the right time. "John, since we now know you have a foot fetish, would you have liked to do more than just massage Sheila's feet? After that weekend we knew we had to find a slave for our own." "We placed an ad in some magazines," Tom said "And even interviewed a few potentials, in public places of course. "We have questions for you, and I'm sure you have plenty for us. The idea of you, and not some stranger, submitting to our every whim really turns me on." "Before we go any further" Sheila said "Tom and I need to know if we are wasting ours and your time talking about this possibility. I have been with a few women who played the dominant role. You will come just inside the door and wait for further instructions." I dropped to my knees. Their was a common leg clearance underneath the sinks. There were large windows on two walls, and a skylight in the ceiling. As I approached their open door, I heard the television. They were still naked laying on top of the comforter. I immediately knew I had forgotten to pick them up. I knew I was in for a serious evening of servitude. I heard Sheila happily humming while rummaging through her jewelry box. You could tell they had been joking and laughing together. Kneeling in front of them in my lace apron with makeup on I held the frosted mug out to Tom. "I have been on a building site most of the afternoon. When I was done cleaning the surface of both shoes, Tom lifted the bottoms of them to my face. What would our clientele say if I went to work with dirty soles? "Remember on the way to the lake when I told you if you give her an inch, she would take a mile? All this woman has talked about since she found out about your submissiveness is enslaving you. I was too deeply tangled in her seductive web of dominance. We both take our steaks medium rare." "And speaking of another round", Tom said. The weather had cooled down quite a bit, so I used the Jen-air grill in the kitchen. After dinner they retired to the family room again for a nightcap. I was told to clean up the kitchen and return to them when finished. I knew this night was going to be my most humiliating yet. "You can start by kneeling and taking off my shoes and socks." I knelt and started taking off Tom's shoes. He was moaning in lust, and his hands were gripping and re-gripping my head as his passion was growing to a fever pitch. Their obvious love and feelings for each other sincerely touched me. She slowly lowered her beautiful naked ass toward the seat.

I started reading a story about a wife who was training her husband to submit to her every whim. "I think you're going to find out before the night's over." Tom answered back. Since you've been doing most of the confessing, let us do some of our own. The other two couples are very open sexually, but are as demanding as Tom and I. Anyway, the other couple kept going on how great it is to own a slave. Sheila was standing to his right, between him and the mattress. Her left hand was on her husband's shoulder and her right hand was holding a collar and leash. You had to look carefully to see the mirrored door that opened into the closet. The left side contained Sheila's clothes and shoes, while the right side was for Toms' attire. Of the hundred or so pairs of Sheila's shoes, about twenty were on the floor. Just goes to show that truth is stranger than fiction. Her legs were bare, and she had on 5" black pumps that exposed the crevice of her long toes. There was bondage equipment, gags, butt plugs, clamps, different types of whips, and a few items I didn't even recognize. I then saw her smile and the lust filling her eyes. But I also knew that I couldn't deny Sheila anything. She knew that now, and as she said, would use that love to enslave me totally. On one side I was thinking; what in the hell have I gotten myself into, my whole life is about to change drastically. It was a feeling of love and surrender that I felt down to my soul. A SLAVE'S ROAD-PART 7 The hot shower felt good stinging against my body. What delicious humiliations were planned for me tonight? I had completely surrendered myself to them, and I'm sure they would take me past my limits. I was getting to the point where I was letting go of all my power, releasing it to them. "Come on out here", I heard her say through the open window above the sink. "Turn around, I want to see all of you." I turned around as ordered. Follow me upstairs to my bedroom." I walked behind Sheila to the bedroom. "We shall see my pet." At that moment we heard the garage door opening. "First lick and swallow the pre cum Joanie", he said, referring to me as his fem slut again. I watched as her hand reached down and removed the sock. Tom was moaning loudly, enjoying my talented mouth. She lay on my back and nuzzled her lips into my ear. Her hands grabbed my hips and her body pushed forward. I hesitated before entering, just outside the entryway. She was smiling at me with her perfectly white even teeth.

She had him to the point where he was not only serving her sexually, but was also doing all the housework, laundry, and even being loaned out on Saturdays to clean her girlfriend's apartment. Matter of fact, the more we're finding out about you, the more interesting you are." "Everybody has there own kinks" Tom said. "Besides, it's my turn to ask the question." Sheila said. "Yes, I am a sexual submissive, subservient, slave, what ever you wish to call me." As soon as I said that, I could feel the blood rushing to my face. We've been swinging with the same two couples for almost ten years." I was shocked at his statement. "We're very good friends with them, John." Sheila said. All of us had talked about D&S relationships before. So we asked them if they would mind bringing her to our next party." "We enjoyed her so much" Tom said. A twin size air mattress was centered against the back of the tent, laying lengthwise from back to front. Light blue blankets were turned down about half way down the bed. I noticed a single air mattress was laying at the foot of their mattress. The head area was at the left foot of their mattress as you faced toward the end. As I was taking all of this in, Tom and Sheila were smiling at me. She had removed her jeans but still had on her red and black checked flannel shirt. Through the opening of the shirt I could see her breast were bare. On the side of the closet opposite the closet entry door, was an old fashioned swinging saloon door which opened up into a dressing room. She cuffed my wrist in front of me, attached a leash to the cuffs, and dragged me over to the closet door. It made me feel more alive than I have ever felt before. I could hear the thunder and rain outside the bathroom window. Even though it had only been four days since I started down this road, I felt that they had brought me a long way. After my shower, I shaved again, rubbed in body oil, and dabbed some of Calvin Klein's Escape on certain parts of my body. I couldn't believe I was actually looking forward to serving Tom this evening. I noticed how sexily her calves flexed as she walked up the stairs barefoot. Sheila briskly walked toward the garage and I poured the beer as ordered. My mind was telling me this was too much, but my cock said different. I used the flat of my tongue to lick sensuously all around his head and upper shaft, not missing a drop. I knew he could cum anytime he wanted, but he so enjoyed my submission, he was holding out for as long as he could. As if Sheila could see through the wall, she spoke loud and clear.

She told him he was to be wearing only pink panties and an apron. But none of them seemed to be just right." "As you know John," Sheila said "Both of us have good careers going for us. I went on to explain that I had lunch with Susan and how she gave me the scoop on you. When we got home, we talked about you for half the night, then had some of the best sex we've had in a long time the other half. If you do decide to serve us, you should know that Sheila will be doing most of the training. I know we have to discuss lots of details, but does the idea of being our slave appeal to you? It was a short term game to them, just another variety of sex. A black leather chaise was located next to the back wall. The floors were white marble, while the bathtub, shower, toilet, and bidet were a jade green marble. They both kept watching TV, and ignoring my presence. I could actually feel a surge of anxiety run through me. "Here, these should make you look sexier." She then clipped on a pair of long, dangling gold earrings. "Welcome home sir, please accept this cold beer from your lowly slave." "Don't mind if I do Joanie", Tom said answering me with my fem name. "I made sure she not only was dressed for you, but also her attitude was ready for you." "Is that right Joanie? "It's a little cool outside for the lanai tonight," Sheila said. When I returned, I found them kissing passionately on the couch. Sheila got something out of the case, stood up, and walked behind me. I also heard Sheila leave the room, now that she had me focused on serving her husband. "You wouldn't want it any other way", she quipped back. After being married for several years, they still were hot for each other. "Before Tom and I get going too strong here," she said to me.

Several hours later when she arrived home, he was dutifully kneeling at the door. As hubby went to hang up her coat, she said to him "might as well wait honey, my friend will be here any second". A minute later the doorbell rang, and hubby was ordered to answer it. Most men would spend about five minutes down there, I had the feeling you would still be there if I wanted you to." Damn. We have to be very careful with whom we play with, especially when entering this lifestyle. That was the night we came up with the scheme to get you away for the weekend. " The feelings I had at this moment were indescribable. Don't get me wrong, I was grateful for them trying out my fantasy, but it seemed it was never really their fantasy. All four walls were completely mirrored, including the sliding door opposite the swinging doors. I waited until I heard a commercial and finally spoke. There was some uncomfortable silence before I spoke. "I like the way the gold earrings accents your black apron," she laughed. "Let's see, I think you could use a little color." She then applied some make-up base, a little blush on my cheeks, and finally some sassy pink lipstick. "Smack your lips together to even out your lipstick." I did as she said. "I want Tom to forget about his day's work as soon as he walks through the door. You know Monday's a tough day and I could really use a slut to take away all my stress. "Why don't you fetch me a glass of wine, and serve it to me. Instead she looked down with her eyes as if trying to tell me something. I felt her hands on my shoulders and her warm breath in my ear. "Tonight is going to be very special for all of us. You are going to fulfill all of our wishes tonight, aren't you? She then reached over me and placed a clamp on my right nipple. Tom's hands pushed down harder, forcing me to take all of his cock. "You and I have to take a short trip." I didn't say anything. "I can't remember the last time I had an orgasm that intense." "Me neither," Tom lazily responded. "Hand me my wine dear." I heard the containers of their drinks clinking together. "It does seem like it will work out quite well, doesn't it." I then heard them drinking their drinks. "I have to pee." "Me too," Tom said a bit dreamily. Her weight was evenly distributed between my cock and stomach. She started walking up my body with slow deliberate steps. She bent down from her waist, placing her hands on each side of the toilet seat. I would make sure I did everything possible to please her; to make sure she would never want to release me.

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